There are several ways to maximize your sales using the Paid2Post system.

Post the jewelry you love to your existing social networks.  Simply share the pieces you enjoy and share as you normally would. 

Email the people you know who might be interested in a particular piece. ShopInde offers countless unique specialty pieces items that allow you to match the right items with the right person. Get it right and they will be grateful for the word of mouth suggestions.

Create profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social networks that specialize in designer jewelry. Build an audience that has an interest in seeing these posts. Post your favorite recommendations online.

Create / post to your own blog.  Attract an audience as a purveyor of unique jewelry, style, and information.

Build and brand your own web store. Think of ways to differentiate your store and make it stand out.  It often pays to specialize. For example, you might build a boutique shop that focuses on jade jewelry, bangles, Celtic pendants, or jewelry that features only dolphins, etc… Customers appreciate good curation. Free websites can be easily built at sites like, Weebly, Squarespace, Wordpress, etc... Download images from our store and use the links with your unique identifier to track every sale.

Consider Facebook and Twitter ads/boosts, Google Adwords , YouTube ads, etc… Learn how to maximize your ROI (return on investment). The internet is an excellent place to target specific audiences, so that your site/blog/posts get in front of the right people.  Find the right spend to profit ratio and you’ll have the key to eCommerce success.

Throw sales parties and events. Face-to-face can be an excellent way to build rapport with customers and can be a fun excuse to socialize with friends.  Simply use your unique account number to on all items people purchase to receive your commission. Tablets and phone are an easy way to share your favorite products.


While some practices are generally considered bad ideas, others will get you banned and possibly void your commission, and in some extreme cases might be considered as fraud. These include:

• Over posting to your personal feeds. Nobody likes to have their newsfeeds overwhelmed with repeat posts from their friends. Find items to genuinely pique their interest and be sure to add text to personalize your post.

• Likewise don’t spam your friend’s email boxes. Sending group emails over and over again is a sure way to get yourself in people’s spam and junk folders.

• Spamming the comments sections of articles, public posts, or videos will not be tolerated. Sales resulting from this behavior are not eligible for payment and will immediately void your commission and ban your account.

• Misrepresenting items, Shopindē or Paid2Post policies, and collecting money outside of the system will lead to permanent bans and in some cases may constitute fraud and, in these cases, be prosecuted as such.


Is there a sign up fee?


Is there any equipment to buy?

No. Our system allows you to post from

any computer, phone, or tablet.

Who do I report to?

Nobody, you work for yourself. No quotas, no required hours, no bosses, nobody telling you how or when to work. You make a sale, you get paid. Simple.

Each item sold has a 30-day money back guarantee to the purchaser.  That means we hold the money in escrow till the 30 days has passed.  If the Consumer does not trigger a return in those thirty days, your 10% of the total revenue* is automatically deposited in your account.

When do I get paid?

How do I get paid?

Paid2Post transfers the money directly into the account or paypal of your choosing using PromisePay. PromisePay is licensed, certified, bonded and fully compliant in the USA as a Payment Services Provider (PSP).

*Total revenue is all moneys minus approximately 3.4% + 30 cents for credit card processing fees). For example, an item that sells for $1,000

(minus 3.4% + 30 cents for processing fees) would have a total revenue of 965.70. Your share would be $96.57.


After you are logged into the system, you will receive a unique identifier that automatically populates your posts and links. 

Revolutionary Way to Make Money Online.

Become your own boss as an Independent Jewelry Curator, on your terms, when and wherever you want.

Paid2Post works with ShopIndē.com to grant you the ability to post the jewelry you love to your friends on social media, email, and to your own websites and blogs. If that post results in a sale, you receive 10% commission of the net revenue* and we send you a check. Nothing to buy, nothing to have in stock, and no recruiting . . . ever.

Your post makes a sale, you get paid. Period.

WHAT'S MORE!  If someone follows your link but buys something else or more than one item during that session, you get that sale too!, you also receive 10% of all sales from that customer for the 30 days following purchase.

Price $4,375.00                   Commission $422.60